School Of Wines, Mixology Rituals And Spirits

  • For:
  • A. We love to educate dedicated people who can learn with us, work with us and make a career.
  • B. Students who are learning hospitality and are curious about bartending.
  • C. Bar lovers at home who often keeps a gathering of friends and family for drinks and are keen to get appreciated for the same.
  • D. One who are not interested in any of the fields of science, commerce or arts, then bartending – mixology and flairing may attract there interest, generate their curiosity and create their passion in it.
  • Your interest in mixolgy will somehow make you learn much of science, accounts and humanities, as you learn to apply all into it.
Our Courses
  • A Day Of Bartending At Home

    • Interesting facts about bartending
    • Learn cocktails and mocktails using home available products
    • Exciting twists on classic cocktails, turning great drinks to absolute perfection

    For Aspiring Bartenders
    3 Days With SOWMRAS

    • Cocktail making
    • Pour and tricks
    • Work flair moves
    • Optimum utilization of available ingredients

  • 3 Months Training Program

    • Introduction to bartender’s role
    • Mise en place
    • History of bartending
    • Classic cocktails
    • Point of service
    • Bartender’s responsibility

    6 Months Training Outline

    • Personality development
    • Communication Skills
    • Service Excellence
    • History of bartending
    • Guest Focus
    • Bar Flair Moves
    • Pour And Tricks
    • Production and manufacturing of alcoholic beverages
    • Equipments, measurements and cocktail making methods

  • 1 Year Training Program

    • Personality development and grooming as bartender
    • Service excellence and guest focus
    • Bar setups, equipments, measurements and licensing
    • Details about alcoholic beverages and production
    • Classic cocktails and twists on it
    • Work flairs
    • Pour And Tricks
    • Focus on history of bartending and cocktails

Why Bartending?
    • With great skills comes greater responsibilities
    • It’s a social job
    • There are lots of fun aspects to it but with hard work
    • It requires you to be nice to people and people will hit on you a lot
    • You probably make good money
    • You are going to be expected to know every drink that exists
    • So, you have to push yourself and challenge yourself as a bartender