Rendezvous Between Mixology & Musicology

SOWMRAS RAGASUTRA | Rendezvous Between Mixology & Musicology

People are inspired to be the best they can be. It is hard to crack a smile but that is what we do.

We aim at a rendezvous between eager mixology and musicology lovers from all over the world and the amazing artists & mixologists.

Mixology and music creates an atmosphere which is associated with feelings and sentiments. It is found by a research that both mixology and music is a kind of therapy and heals all internal wounds and inculcates a sense of joy.

To preserve, promote and propagate performing arts, creating liking amidst people about pure fusion of musicology and mixology.

Our Mission

Get the best out of passionate people with the power of optimism, to inspire others and employ them to implement solutions to a event of a memorable experience.

Our Vision

To create the best learning , creative and inspiring workplace for passionate people who can create an event of dreams.


We as a organization is keen to give our active participation in terms of:


As we want to put people interest in event hospitality and make them learn skills of bartending, who are passionate and desire success in their life.


Bartender is a skilled technician, a sales person, an entertainer and a clever manager of people and all these qualities will make her self sufficient to get employed and earn her living.

Women Empowerment

We point to approach reagarding other trivialized gender in a social context. We support the ability for women to enjoy their rights. Women are more hospitable by nature and are born makers. We want to educate and promote more of female hospitality workers by training and guiding them in right direction to make themselves self-dependent and skillfull.

Responsible Drinking

If one planning for the evening then this also includes how much you plan to drink? And you should set your limit. Safe arrangements for getting place to place. We make you stick to it. You should know what you are drinking and what happens when you drink? And we will become answers to all such questions as each member of SOWMRAS voluntarily initiate to spread the awareness of responsible drinking as professionals.

Make In India

Make In India is much more than a inspiring slogan for SOWMRAS RAGASUTRA. We want to provide our services globally and come up with new, innovative and interesting useful products and services.


School Of Wines, Mixology Rituals And Spirits

We love to educate dedicated people who can learn with us, work with us and make a career. Read more!

Our Courses
  • A Day Of Bartending At Home

    • Interesting facts about bartending
    • Learn cocktails and mocktails using home available products
    • Exciting twists on classic cocktails, turning great drinks to absolute perfection

    For Aspiring Bartenders
    3 Days With SOWMRAS

    • Cocktail making
    • Pour and tricks
    • Work flair moves
    • Optimum utilization of available ingredients

  • 3 Months Training Program

    • Introduction to bartender’s role
    • Mise en place
    • History of bartending
    • Classic cocktails
    • Point of service
    • Bartender’s responsibility

    6 Months Training Outline

    • Personality development
    • Communication Skills
    • Service Excellence
    • History of bartending
    • Guest Focus
    • Bar Flair Moves
    • Pour And Tricks
    • Production and manufacturing of alcoholic beverages
    • Equipments, measurements and cocktail making methods

  • 1 Year Training Program

    • Personality development and grooming as bartender
    • Service excellence and guest focus
    • Bar setups, equipments, measurements and licensing
    • Details about alcoholic beverages and production
    • Classic cocktails and twists on it
    • Work flairs
    • Pour And Tricks
    • Focus on history of bartending and cocktails

Why Bartending?
    • With great skills comes greater responsibilities
    • It’s a social job
    • There are lots of fun aspects to it but with hard work
    • It requires you to be nice to people and people will hit on you a lot
    • You probably make good money
    • You are going to be expected to know every drink that exists
    • So, you have to push yourself and challenge yourself as a bartender